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The sovereign state of Texas is under attack.  We are literally being invaded at our southern border and not only has the federal government failed to intervene, they have directly caused the invasion!  Watching our leaders in Austin continue to wring their hands and whine about federal inaction was understandable for about one week.  But even a child can see that the Biden administration is not going to save us or help us as their whole goal is the fundamental transformation of all red states into blue ones.  So while I may have blamed the feds in the beginning, how long will our weak leaders in Austin continue to fail us by not stepping up to protect and defend our great state?  Republicans have a majority.  We should have taken action long ago to close our state and protect the Texas landowners along the border.


God breathed life into every human being in the womb, and the taking of that life is murder.  No matter the circumstances of conception, every innocent life has worth and deserves to be protected.  While the Heartbeat Act was a hard-fought battle that will save millions of precious lives, the Democrat party will do everything they can to reverse that victory here in Texas.  I will always fight for life from conception to natural death and will strive to do everything I can to end elective abortion in Texas.


If your private property can be taken and sold because you are unable to pay property taxes, then you do not really own your property.  You are simply renting it from the government.  I will fight to limit all property tax growth while concurrently looking for ways to abolish the property tax all together.


I am a strong supporter of gun-rights and heavily lobbied our elected representatives to vote for Constitutional Carry.  Liberals will never stop trying to take our guns, so my motto is no different than the late, great, Charlton Heston ... from my cold, dead hands.  Now if we could just do something about the price of ammo!


I am against mask mandates, vaccine mandates and lockdowns.  As someone who has suffered and recovered from COVID, I know full-well the seriousness of the virus.  However, our God-given rights do not diminish based upon whether the upcoming variant is deadlier than the last.  The government (whether federal, state or local and no matter the branch) and private employers have no business deciding healthcare decisions for me and my family.  Those decisions will be made between us and our doctors.  As we have seen over the last year and a half, a corrupt and inefficient government can destroy in mere months a thriving economy, jobs and livelihoods that took decades to build.  


I combine these two as both taxpayer-funded lobbying and career politicians are how the swamp stays in power.  A ban on taxpayer funded lobbying has been on the Republican Party platform for years now and the establishment always fails to move on it.  This is because the lobbying industry is  the golden ticket for mediocre lawyers and washed up politicians.  If elected, I represent the taxpayer and I will never support spending your tax dollars to lobby against your own interests.  In addition, we must bring an end to career politicians and one way to achieve this is to institute term limits.  We must bring governmental leadership back to the vision of the Founding Fathers ... citizens serving out of patriotic duty and then going home.  How many moral men and women of promise must we elect, send off to Austin or D.C. and watch be transformed into the very thing we sent them there to fight?   Politics is truly the devil's playground so we would be wise to not think ourselves above succumbing to the environment but instead try to limit the time any one person spends in the industry.


It is not enough to just fight for religious liberty.  Strong Christians must begin to push the ball down the field in the other direction.  We must bring wholesome, Christian family values back into the public area.  While I take great pride in the fact that America is a nation welcoming of all faiths from around the world, the United States of America was founded as a Christian nation.  Sadly, Christians have allowed themselves to be pushed out of the public square by Progressive Atheists, who have misquoted and misread our own U.S. Constitution to their ends.  We have now passively ceded the ground to such an extent that our glorious nation's history is being rewritten and cultural marxism is being taught to our children from gradeschool through college.  Authoritarianism is creeping into our corporate culture at every turn.

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